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Shir Lusky (b.1988) Israeli artist, based in Tel-Aviv.


2018-2020 MFA Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel

2011-2015 BFA Photography Program, Wizo Academy of Arts and Design, Haifa, Israel (graduated with honors)

Solo exhibitions

2023 In The Mind's Eye - The Blue Spot, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curated by Tamar Mayer

2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Bezalel Academy, Tel Aviv, Curated by Dor Guez

2019 Out of Touch, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, curators by Hagar Bril

2018 The Seventh Year, Jerusalem Artists’ House, Curated by Uri Gershuni

2017 Foreground Background, duo exhibition, Omer Tiroche gallery, Jaffa Tel-Aviv, Curated by Orit Bulgaru 

2017 Shadow of a line, light of a circle, duo exhibition, grand-art gallery, Haifa, curated by Shirley Meshulam      


Group exhibitions

2022 Farewell Summer House, Bezalel Gallery, Curated by Dor Guez, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 Caldera, Nulobaz Gallery, Curated by Shir Wiesel, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 Wandering#2, The Open University Gallery, Curated by Carmit Blumensohn, Raanna, Israel

2021 Chasing Pavements, Loving art Making Art, Curated by Yoav Weinfeld & Omer Sheizaf, Mesilla Park, Tel Aviv, Israel

2021 Disform, Fein 3, Curated by Foundation Fountain, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020 Ten Exercises in Style, Indie Gallery, Curated by Galit Semel, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020 Art at TYO, TYO, Curated by Iris Rywkind & Omer Shani Ben Shahar, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019 Compass, Beit Kandinof, Curated by Ruven Kuperman, Jaffa, Israel

2019 Artists Greenhouse, Fresh Paint 11, Curated by Yifat Gurion and Raz Shapira, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2019 Halame, MFA Gallery of Bezalel, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017 Slipped my mind, Binyamin gallery, Curated by Etty Schwartz, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017 Kinetics, P8 gallery, curated by Maya Zehavi and Yonatan Auron Ophir, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017 Interior-Exterior Art-Festival, Danchov house, Curated by Shirley Meshulam, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2017 A Million Traces, Indie gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

201610 representations of photography, The Art Place gallery, Curated by  Micha Kirshner, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2016 Showroom 3, Inga gallery, Curated by Etty Schwartz, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2016 Class Photo- The photography academia in Israel, Museum of Photography Tel Hai, Curated by Hana Shaviv, Tel Hai Industrial Park, Israel

2015 Close To Home, Tzadik gallery, Curated by Hana Coman, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Awards / Grants

2022 Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Artist fellowship exhibition grant

2021 Young Artist Award, The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport

2021 Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts grant

2020 MFA academic excellence Award, Bezalel Academy of art and design


2021 Arad Contemporary Art Center residency program, Arad, Israel

2019 A-Z West, Institute of Investigative Living by Andrea Zittel, Joshua Tree, CA, United States

2017 Can Serrat- Art Residency, El Bruc, Spain


2017 F-STOP Magazine, online group exhibition, Issue No.82 Identity&Community

2015 HOTEM, Poetry, Art and Literature Magazine, Issue No.12 Circus

2015 GRANTA, The Magazine of new Writing, Issue No. 3 Close to Home

2015 Harama, Art Magazine, Issue No.12 Estate

Group Membership

2017-2020 member of the P8 cooperative gallery for contemporary art


Private collections


Reviews / Interviews

2021 Review on Disform group exhibition, Avi Pitchon, Haaretz. 

2021 Interview by Joy Bernard, Portfolio Magazine.

2020 Review MFA Thesis Exhibition Bezalel Academy, Hagit Peleg Rotem, Portfolio Magazine.

2020 Review MFA Thesis Exhibition Bezalel Academy, Avi Pitchon, Hararetz.

2020 Review MFA Thesis Exhibition Bezalel Academy,  Gili Sitton, ARToday.

2019 Promising artists in Fresh Paint art fair, Ruth Perl Baharir,  Time-Out Tel Aviv.

2019 Review on Out of Touch solo exhibition, Meital Raz, Time-Out Tel Aviv.

2018 Interview by Yuval Saar, Portfolio Magazine.

2018 Review on The Seventh Year solo exhibition, Yonatan H.Mishal, Anna Bershtansky Magazine.

2017 Review on Slipped my Mind group exhibition, Tal Niv, Haaretz.

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